Table Rental

Every great event in Singapore needs premium furniture to ensure safety for everyone. For more than a decade, Table & Chair Rental Singapore has been providing only the finest and modern furniture for big and small events in Singapore area and its surrounding environs. We aim to provide reliable Table Rental Service that will create a lasting impression for your next event.

We are known for providing excellent table rental services, which are backed by decades of commitment and expertise through our teamwork. We offer beautiful and contemporary event furnishings from acclaimed designers around the world. Our company supplies excellent-quality banquet tables and table linens that make your next event stand out from the crowd. We strive to build a strong, safe and healthy event for all our customers.

Table Rental Service

Table & Chair Rental Singapore guarantees quality assurance in all their services. We are one of the few companies that provide the best possible warranty when it comes to table replacement and repair. Rest assured we are going to take care of all our event equipment malfunctions whenever these issues arise. We do not blame our clients for we understand that such cases are bound to occur.

Why Choose Table & Chair Rental Singapore?

There are many reasons to choose us over our competitors in the industry. First of all, we are a reliable company that provides flexible services that meet and surpass the changing event needs. With us, you are free to choose to rent our tables for short term or long term.
There is no reason to worry if your event runs for one month or so. We are going to take care of your needs, so you can focus on other matters that need your attention the most.

Competitive Rates in the Industry

Table & Chair Rental Singapore provides superior quality and modern furniture that ensures the best value for your hard-earned money. We showcase furniture that certainly suits all budget sizes. Just contact us today and submit your specific requirements and budget. We will take care of your needs in the most appropriate way.

Fast Service and Delivery

We are proud to have a logistics team that is not only quick but also efficient. Our experienced team of professionals will deliver and collect the furniture with short notice. Also, we respond promptly to our customers’ requests or calls for repairs and replacements.

Overall, we ensure a hassle-free process from delivery to the collection. During the lease term, our qualified professionals handle the entire process right from delivery to installation and maintenance of the furniture. We collect our furniture within five working days, and only when you are through with them.

A Broad Spectrum of Options Available

We have the widest table choices that will meet your expectations. You can choose your preferred color, size and styles to complement your unique budget.

In a nutshell, the Table Rental Service Singapore is associated with innovative tables that augment any event in the region. Our rental tables are certified in the fields of safety and durability. We appreciate any feedback that can help us improve our table rental service to you, our esteemed customers. Call us now for a quote; we are always at your service.